Harvest Clock uses dock tickets to record the weight of something that's been harvested earlier. For example, if an employee picks a bin of Apples, and you wanted to pay him by weight, you could use a dock ticket for this. When you setup the unit that the employee is going to harvest with, it has to have a label. You would have one of your payroll clerks scan the label, then scan the employee and record the payroll ticket. Later in the day when the Bin is back at the dock, you'd put it on the scale, scan the label again, and record the weight. After you're done recording all the weights, you can apply the weight back to the original tickets and create payroll off of that. 

When you look at the dock ticket screen, you see the Label that was scanned, the user who scanned it, which device it came from, the weight, date and if it was voided. You can click the 'Records' button if you want to see the actual payroll tickets that the weight will get applied against. 

If you want to allocate the weight against the existing payroll tickets, click the 'Allocate Weight' and select a date range for days to apply. You can do this as many times as you want. When you hit allocate, it divides up the amount of weight amount all of the people who picked into that Bin / Label. 

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