Harvest Clock maintains a list of employees, but does not require them. There are 3 reasons that we keep the list of employees. 

  1. Anytime an employee ID is scanned, we are able to quickly show their name to the payroll clerk for identification sake. 
  2. We maintain their telephone number, so that in the 1.4.0 version of the software, we can SMS (Text Message) them a receipt of how much they have harvested instead of printing a ticket. 
  3. We record their photo so that in a future release of the software, we can print an ID badge for the employee with their photo. We will also be able to use this photo in a later version of the software that allows the employee to clock in / clock out with facial recognition.

We are working on imports for text, Quickbooks, Datatech and Famous and should have them done when 1.4.0 is released. For now you need to enter them manually. 

When you add a new employee, here are the fields you must populate. 

Employee Number

Any employee number can be anything, including letters and numbers. You specify how it's formatted in the ID RegEg in the company setup. 

First Name

Employee First Name

Last Name

Employee Last Name

Phone Number

Employee Phone Number


You can upload a photo of an employee, and on the iPhone you can select a photo, or you can take a photo with the camera. Photos can be up to 10 megabytes in size. 

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