Harvest Clock maintains a list of users that can use Harvest Clock and tracks all of the data entered by each one.

Add User

To add a new user, hit 'Add User' and fill out the following fields. 


Each user can be one of 3 different roles. Those are: 


An admin can configure everything in Harvest Clock. 

Payroll Manager

A payroll manager can do almost everything in Harvest Clock that an admin can do, but they cannot adjust the company settings. 


A clerk has limited permissions. They are only able to add new payroll records and void them in the Harvest Clock software on the iPhone. Then cannot log into the web based admin system. 

First Name

The first name of the user

Last Name

The last name of the user


The email address of the user. It doesn't have to be a valid email address. This is mostly for login purposes. 


This is the phone number of the user. It doesn't have to be a valid phone number. 


This the password that the user uses to log into Harvest Clock 

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