A Harvest Clock company is really the farm setup information. Anything you update in here is changes all of the configurations in all of the phones. 

Editing the company is straight forward, but some of the fields need explanation. 


This is the company name. 


This is the company email address, that we will use to communicate with you. 


This is the company phone number that we will use to communicate with you. 

Device Password

After a phone has been connected to your account, you can set a device password. The device password is a simple password designed to prevent users from changing options in the software. You can leave it blank if you want. 

Barcode Type

Harvest Clock can recognize lots of different kinds of barcodes, and you can turn them on and off here. We recommend turning on as few barcode types as possible to keep the barcode recognition fast and to prevent scanning unwanted data. 

Dup Check

When a payroll clerk is scanning information, you can have it scan back for a certain amount of minutes to see if the employee they are scanning already has an entry for that time. If they do, it will give clerk a warning to tell them that the record is possible duplicate. You put a number in this field for the number of minutes you want to check back for. 

Duplicate Check Warning Message

This lets you turn on or off the Duplicate Check system. 


This is how we set a pattern for how an employee ID has to be for Harvest Clock to accept it. RegEX means regular expression, which is a technical term that software engineers use. It's not easy to use, but it can describe almost any pattern and the software can recognize it. 

Here are some examples and what they mean. 

.* - Means allow everything
[0-9]{4} - Means accept any 4 numbers 0-9.
1[0-9]{3} - Means accept any 4 digit number starting with 1
ABC[0-9]{3} - Means accept any 6 digit ID that starts with ABC and ends with any 3 digit number. 

If you need help with this one, please just tell us what your employee ID's look like and we'll provide the regular expression for you. 

Maximum Records

When you search for records, it's possible that an employee has thousands of records. The maximum records field allows you to limit the number of records returned for a given employee in a search. We suggest starting with 25. 

Transaction Timeout (Seconds)

When Harvest Clock is connected to the cellular or wifi network, it transmits its records and syncs as things happen. If for some reason it can't reach the servers, it quits trying to send stuff to the servers and holds the data on the iPhone. The 'transaction timeout' sets the number of seconds that Harvest Clocks waits to hear back from the server before it starts working locally. We suggest this is 3 seconds, but in an area with bad but working cellular signal this might be bumped to 5 seconds. 

Retry Transactions (Seconds)

If Harvest Clock has been disconnected, this is the number of seconds it waits before it tries to connect again. We recommend 60 seconds, unless you're in an are that is known bad coverage, where you might want to increase this to 360 seconds (5 minutes) or more. 

Printer Employee Barcode

Sometimes employees forget their ID badge and some farmers want the clerks to be able to print a new ID badge for them on the spot. Turning this on allows the clerk to re-print a temporary ID badge.

** Notes: The clerk can create an ID badge with the wrong ID, then the employee with have a bunch of tickets with the wrong ID, or worse with an ID that matches somebody else. Please be careful with this. 

Quality Control Problem

This option turns on the ability for you to track common defects with harvest quality. When you turn it on, you will have the ability to create quality control issues like 'Stem Pulls' and 'Rocks in the Box' kinds of issues and track them on a ticket by ticket level. When an employee has been flagged as having a quality control issue, the system warns the clerk for future scans to check for those problems. 


This note field is put on the bottom of every ticket that is printed for the employee. You can put anything on here like 'Paychecks on Friday' or the phone number of your payroll office or a notice that you want everybody to have. You can also leave this blank. 

Account Code

This account code is exported with every payroll export and is used by some accounting systems to identify the grower. 

Purge Device History

Harvest Clock tracks usage, battery history, reception and a bunch of other stuff. Setting this option makes it so that Harvest Clock purges that data after a certain number of days because it doesn't make sense to track that forever. We recommend 60 days. 

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