In Harvest Clock, a location is where you grow your crop. Conceptually it's simple, you draw a shape on the map it's done. It's important to understand how it's used. 

  1. When a location is drawn, harvest clock looks for that shape on the map, determines if the iPhone is inside of it, and if it's not it blinks the location on the iPhone screen red a few times to indicate they are in the wrong place. After some initial blinking it just stays red. 
  2. A location doesn't change, but a season does. When you create a location, it's expected that you would update the season as you rotate crops. Any time you enter new data into Harvest Clock and select a location, it automatically looks up the current season and puts the information with it. 

When you create a location, you add the following fields:


Select from a list of Seasons that you have created. 

Location Name

Give the location a name that you recognize.


When you export data, this is the code that will be used by your accounting system to identify the correct cost center. 

Editing the Map

To create an area on the map, first enter the address of where your farm is in the search bar. Most people don't know the actual address of their fields, so you can just enter something close like a city, county, or whatever gets you close. You can use the '+' and '-' buttons to zoom, or the + and - buttons on the keyboard. You can click on the map and drag it in any direction, or you can use the arrows on your keyboard to pan the map around. You can also hold left shift and then draw a box around an area that has your field in it. This will zoom to that box, which is pretty fast.

Next, hit the 'Polygon' tool on the left side of the map. It looks like a little pentagon. Start clicking around the field, and don't be precise about it. Draw about 50 to 100 feet away from the edge of the field and keep clicking until you have surrounded your field. To close and finish the location, click the first point by getting your pointer close to it, which will turn your pointer into a finger pointing icon. 

If you want to edit your location, click the 'Edit Location' button which looks like a little square and a pencil through it. You can then drag the line handles (white squares) on the lines to change the shape. If you grab the line handles that are in the middle of the lines, it will allow you to break the existing line into a couple of pieces that can be modified. 

If you decide that the location is too messy, you can just hit the 'Delete' location icon (looks like a trash can) and click the location which will delete it. Then you can redraw it. 

When you're done with your location, you can hit submit, which saves it. 

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